2010-09-08 - Fuck yeah SQL

I'm bored enough lately that fucking SQL is exciting to me. Christ.

About the link... when the fuck did that happen?

2010-04-18 - New Old Abandoned Factory (Newly Abandoned)

Still tweaking the style sheets. A print and photography sales website including some of the pictures on here will be going up soon, once I get the design done. I've got to be a bit more "professional" for this one and not say "fuck" every 3 words, so it might take a bit longer, but in the end you'll be able to buy pictures of me crawling around in sewers and amazing prices, and I know that's just what you've always wanted.


2010-03-10 - Disappearing Shitstreams and Dead Babies

I accidentally the whole Shitstream on the last update, here it is again.

I also accidentally the whole dead babies that were on this page and we can't have a website without dead babies.

Act now, supplies are limited.


2010-02-09 - New Layout, New Old Place

The site has been updated with a new style which probably sucks but fuck you if you think so.

Also, I added a location that I took pictures of in 2008, a stretch of abandoned rails in Florida. You'll like it, your kids will like it, your dog will like it.

Act now, supplies are limited.


2010-01-29 - Be Patient

Currently switching to a CSS based layout for ease of updates, but I'm still not great at it. Don't worry about broken looking things, they'll work later.

2010-01-25 - FFFffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-

New pages are being added for a short tunnel under the highway and the adjoining woods (which seems to be a used tire dump), an abandoned foundation and small shack which everybody in town seems to have spotted 5 years ago other than me, and an abandoned gas station surrounded by a tractor trailer parking lot.

In other news, our country has CHANGEd quite a bit under the new regime. We've completely eliminated war, the drug problem, the police state, retrieved our constitution and bill of rights from the toilet, eliminated poverty, poor health car, peace, the national debt, job security, unemployment, homelessness, homefulness, etc... Don't mind me, I've been a bitter 70 year old man since I was six, but seriously you fuckers, come on... You got suckered into this one by propaganda that was old in the early days of the USSR and without the originality or variety. In case you're wondering, I hate both parties equally and wouldn't let any politician suck my cat's dick if they begged me. I have a good idea of where their mouths have been. I'm not that mad though, I just felt like bitching.

That's enough ranting about that though, I don't really pay that much attention to that sort of thing because I'm too busy wandering around taking pictures or solving second order differential equations between rounds of intense disassembly of old programs and furiously jacking off with pumice and a brillo pad because I just can't get the dirt to come off.

Yeah, I'm fucking pissed. Today my friend and I combined forces and became Captain Planet, but that was really fucking stupid so we then combined data and found that autism came into being sometime around the era of the first open air fission bomb tests, and then began an exponential rise about 4-6 years after Chernobyl. Don't forget the shuttle that broke up over Texas a few years back. Read up on how they provide the power for those babies... hint: the hydrazine they claimed was the danger would have boiled off in the air as soon as the breakup happened. Genetic damage anyone? I'd like some, I'll swallow some Cobalt-60 for the chance at shooting lasers out of my dick or being able to scale walls in a single sentence before the horrible death. Seriously, something as potentially useful as fission power comes along and everybody has to go and fuck up the entire planet with it. "Bob" help me I'm mad enough to shit my pants... hell, I'm mad enough to shit YOUR pants and HERS and save a little for the goddamn CHILDREN! FUUUUUCK. I'll fart so hard they'll have dust storms in Canada and hurricanes in Mexico.

That's enough rant, it takes away from the warm, friendly spirit that pervades the world these days.


2009-01-20 - Happy Fucking New Year

Updated the Leffert oil station section, and added sections for the abandoned Wabash River pumphouse, and the Sarasota commune house.

Also, Obama was added to office today, marking the end of 8 years of politician A and the start of 4 years of politician B. I'm glad they got all that sorted out.


2008-10-20 - Welcome to EyeExplore

We hope you enjoy your stay here. For now the content is still being built, but you may check out at your leisure this exciting exploration of the abandoned floors and sub basements of an active hotel in Detroit, MI. And if you get bored with that, feel free to enjoy the old website, UE Lafayette, available again for your viewing pleasure. More items and stories will soon be added so check back from time to time and view the exciting and wonderful magic that is EyeExplore.


2008-06-11 - Updated

I've added two pages about trips to a random waterfall and a few tunnels found along the rail lines in Lafayette, IN.

Please enjoy them or die trying.


2008-01-12 - Greetings

Added another place from last year, the abandoned Leffert oil station in Lafayette, IN.