The ****** Hotel

Basement One

The basement is where things got more interesting for me. I like the kind of sheer filth that always seems to occur underground, and this basement was no disappointment. It was water damaged, trashed, filled with unused machinery, and the hotel had been using parts of it as a dumpster for some reason. Perfect.

The basement was not locked at all, which was good because we had forgot to bring the cutting torches, bolt cutters, and lockpick kits that we don't have.

Immediately through double doors at the bottom of the stairs on B1, we were greeted with the well-lit and definitely out of use kitchen area of the hotel. Judging by the size of it, it is likely that there was at least the capability of producing food for a small banquet, or possibly a buffet upstairs. Now a seperate diner built into one corner of the building serves this purpose.

There were many weird artifacts laying around here, especially the piano. It seemed like an odd storage spot for it, given the greater ease of throwing it into one of the large closets or hallways off the ballroom on the main floor of the hotel. This was by far the cleanest and safest part of the entire basement. It just kept going downhill from here.

Behind the kitchen area were a few dark little closets and storage rooms (pantry?) one of which contained some bedding and a catch bucket filled with strange reddish water that was dripping from the ceiling. The jury is still out on exactly what would produce that color, although leading scientists believe that it may have been a combination of sewage and discarded hookers' lipstick leaking down from somewhere above.

Back across a hallway we came to the dishroom for the hotel, which had a partially caved in ceiling and a dishline filled with trays, tables, and all sorts of things that shouldn't be washed. Some foam rubber mattress padding completed the picture.

The basement had a good quantity of empty 40 bottles laying everywhere. They may not be visible in the photos, but rest assured they were lurking in every dark corner and crevice, serving as a reminder that alcohol can apparently make any place seem fun.

Since parts of this level had been converted into nightclubs which were now only accessible from upstairs, there wasn't much else here. We headed back to the stairwells and continued downward to the second subbasement.

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Don't worry, we closed this door after ourselves

Old stovetops and cooking appliances in the abandoned kitchen.

The kitchen's very own Piano, used for preparing French food so fancy that it must be played a tune while it is cooking

Kind of evil looking pipe situation they've got going there

There's more than one way to clean a table

One of the many luxury living accomodations the hotel had to offer

Sitting at the bottom of the stairs, scared and neglected

Their plumber is so good. I can't even spot the fact that he's gone in to do repairs here, can you?

This is what you see heading through the doors to the kitchen area. They'll leave the light on for you

Old sinks or steam tables, still filled with buckets and dishes

Another view of the piano, better showing the pile of empty alcohol crates beside it

Some very slight water damage to the ceiling above the dishroom

This room keeps things clean

Wash your hands now