The ****** Hotel

Basement Two, Part 1

The first large room on B2 was what I am now going to refer to as the Chair Room, because of how imaginative I am. In this room were the standard piles of garbage, with a chair sitting in the middle lit by a couple of clamp-on desk lights. On the chair was a single hose clamp. A statement about the morals of today's society perhaps? The waste of consumerism? How good that rock the artist scored an hour ago was? I'm going with the latter on this one.

The south side of the this floor was largely occupied by sealed rooms and what used to be the workshop for the building, which was now flooded. Most of the sealed rooms were flooded or falling apart and could be peered into through holes in the walls. Unfortunately we had not brought any source of light beyond small keychain LEDs for this trip so were limited somewhat by available lighting, which was thankfully... er... available.

The workshop contained lots of old equipment, some very creative plumbing, and miscellaneous garbage. The pictures speak for themselves on this area. The floor was heavily covered by rot and mud throughout these sections and probably a good bit of sewage from the hotel. Next year when we go back I'll probably bring a good flashlight and some waterproof boots of some kind so I can finally see what's behind the tiny door. I'm guessing the corpses of Frodo and Jimmy Hoffa are both in there somewhere.

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The elevator hall at the bottom floor

Unknown but perfectly safe looking electrical device

The chair of the chair room, with rubber glove, hose clamps, plastic bags, and road cones. Sounds like a good time to me

A door to somewhere

The Devil's workbench

Old drill press, or modern art? You decide

More of the plumbing system

I'm John McCain and I support this ceiling.

A flooded back hall of the work room with a door leading to what I believe to be the land of elves and gnomes

Looking into the mess

The "chair" room with its interesting lighting setup

But if line was down, then who was phoen?

Porkchop deftly avoids floor muck entering the work room

This is actually part of the building's drainage system. Wow

Shelf of boxes

Drawers full of random machine parts

More drawers

Once again, be sure to wash your hands before continuing