The ****** Hotel

Basement Two, Part 3

The deepest and dankest depths of the basement of this hotel were the most flooded and probably the most dangerous area I've ever seen in a still active building. Light was provided by bare incandescent bulbs strung along sometimes exposed wiring which ran alternately along the rafters and through puddles of water.

The first section of this area was mostly pump and utility machinery, mostly of unknown purpose and none turned on while we were there. These areas were kind of creepy since noise of employees and hotel patrons moving around upstairs sometimes carried through some piece of forgotten ductwork into the basement, and we were often freezing in place and listening for footsteps after hearing some distant voice. Nobody came down there though, but it had us a little jumpy.

Unused offices and side rooms piled with garbage were everywhere, mostly unlit. The worst area of the basement was at the far east end, with live wires running through water on the floor everywhere and a large vault-style door warning of 4600 volts right next to a pool of water. Neither of us were electrocuted but we mostly avoided the water at this point.

There isn't a whole lot else to say about this mess so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves as you exit from this shoddy hotel and return to the comforting depths of the other messes which have been or will be photographed for this site. We did the same and left to enjoy the general outdoor mess of Detroit and DEMF in particular for the rest of our weekend.

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The best hallway on the block

Looking into the dark unknown. Note the floor wiring

Another set of stairs going between the two levels of the lower basement

This large grid of piping and pumps emerges from a muddy pit in the floor. Poop?

An old office. I hope to get a job there some day

Another flooded, muddy mess of a room. We didn't go too far past here

4600 Volts in a pool of water. Cute

Did somebody order a fucking mess?

I want their electrician

Hell's workshop part 2

Another flooded hallway leading away from the utility rooms

A steam kettle and more kitchen equipment sit behind the laundry area

This area reminded me of a control room of some kind

A pump of some sort

Somebody must have tried at one point

Messes of dilapidated machinery surround the mud pits

Worktable and some more of the fantastic wiring

Details of the mess

The fusebox was in a safe place as well

Good thing they brought that shop vac, that'll clean it up right quick