The ****** Hotel

The Mezzanine and Downward

There isn't a whole lot to say about the mezzanine. We couldn't stay long because sound carried very well from that area to the main lobby due to marble floors, and the whole area was highly visible during the day. Next year when I return I'll try to get more pictures from this area as what I saw was very cool. We stuck around in this area for maybe 10 minutes before heading back to the stairs to explore the two sub-basements.

The most interesting thing was the old piano. I didn't try to play this one because it would have rang through the lobby and alerted staff. The sheer fact that it was left here shows a strange lack of concern for its value. It was likely an antique and worth money to a collector or someone doing restorations, but are there any of either in Detroit? Likewise, above the fireplace in the main lobby of the hotel were two elephant tusks. The ivory is likely worth a fortune. More remnants from a prosperous time for this neglected city of industry.

Interestingly, the year before these pictures were taken, we brought a bunch of beer down from our room because we thought it would be fun to hang out in the lobby and meet random people as they walked through. We ended up meeting the owner of the building. He was a very cool guy, I talked to him for a while about various things, and he mentioned that he had been buying up old buildings in Detroit for a while. He had recently paid $1.00 plus back taxes for a massive stone Catholic church from the early 20th century. Another sign of the times in this city.

In one way I'm happy because abandonment and decay excites me very much, and in another I'm sad to see such large amounts of amazing architecture going to waste.

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The main room of the mezz. floor

The first abandoned piano. Apparently the day before it had a red rose laying on the keys

Fairly trashed kitchen area

Heading down to the basements

More stairwell tags

View of the balcony over the lobby from the mezz. floor. We avoided it due to high visibility.

A sink in the kitchen area of the mezz. floor

More of the decayed mess

Apparently the Graffiti Terrorists are known for some dick sucking