Abandoned Leffert Oil Station

First Trip

I stumbled across this abandoned oil station after walking through a much less interesting abandoned lot along U.S. 52 in Lafayette, IN. I visited this in 2007 and unless Google is lying to me, it is still there in 2008. It appears to have been abandoned for at least several years, or at least in a horrible state of disrepair. Also thanks to Google, it appears that Leffert oil has moved up the road.

Anyway, this facility is located next to a now-unused section of railroad track which presumably used to deliver oil to it. It isn't incredibly exciting, but I enjoyed looking at it.

Second Trip ->

The filling station and holding tanks

The Leffert Oil / Arco Office Building on site

Side of the fill building. I'd be smoking if it wasn't for that sign

Peeling paint... err... peeling metal? I'm not sure

A rusted out metal box. I believe it used to contain pirate treasure. And Herpes.

Filling station building closeup

Closeup of the filling deck and building

Another rusted out tank, on its side

Filling pipes

Steps to the upper catwalks on the tanks

View of the catwalks from the opposite side