Abandoned Leffert Oil Station

Second Trip Part 1

I made another trip out to this abandoned oil station recently. The first time I didn't stay very long and went too late in the day, so the pictures didn't really make me that happy in the pants. The socks, shoes, and shirt, yes, but not the pants. This time there was some ice on the ground and I inspected the building more carefully for access points, but it was all locked up pretty well.

A new addition was a wrecked, burnt out car for which I have also included pictures.

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What this station would have looked like in an alternate reality where I took pictures of it with black & white film

Oil towers. Cloudy skies

Fire extinguisher from a different era. It once starred in hotsexyfirehoses.com, before taking this job

Not to be confused with the #3 massage oil

The box of pirate treasure has been robbed!!!!1

Silos from below. The untold story

The filling station, not much has changed

The mysterious wrecked car now on the site

Filling pipes

Part of the mess of piping running between the oil tanks

Another section of old piping. I know what you're thinking, but you can't make a bong out of it

A valve on an old, disconnected tank which was crying behind the silos

Solvent. One of the many EPA friendly features of this site