Abandoned Leffert Oil Station

Second Trip Part 2

The final set of pictures for now. Enjoy them like you'd enjoy a video about a fine wine.

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Solvent: The Choice of a new generation

Knobs make the valve go 'round

Ice under the building's stilts. Strange construction all around

These were empty as well

Kerosene: The Choice of an old drunk

More pipes

This bucket was installed to comply with new regulations regarding the proper disposal of fuel oils. Damn government, always butting in

Another EPA friendly installation

One of the remaining fuel barrels on site, rusted like there's no tomorrow

Another view under the building

Passenger side view of the melted mess

The melted passenger seat

Note the remaining two bolts holding this in place. Luckily the tanks are empty

The love shack is a little old place where we can get together

Main entrance to the stilt building

A view inside the burnt, crashed SUV which sat next to the fililng station

More cracked paint and rust on a silo

Stairway to the stilt building

A locked electrical box on the filling station

... and the melted out console to finish off this set

Safe stacking

Another rusted tank

Well maintained structures abound at this fantastic spot.