A still running but amazingly destroyed hotel in Detroit, MI.

View our exciting documents regarding the infiltration of this historic building. Six pages of mind-blowing decay and sarcastic writing for your amusement.

Added 10/19/2008

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A wonderful little section on some old stone tunnels found under ridges and rails in Lafayette, IN.

Featuring a waterfall that will knock your cocks off!! Or, if you're a woman, it'll knock your cocks back ON!!!1

Added 11/06/2008

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A small abandoned oil pumping station in Lafayette, IN. Don't forget to bring your cigarettes so you have something not to smoke there.

Added 12/01/2008 - Updated 01/18/2009

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An abandoned pumphouse along the Wabash River, painted with the Purdue logo in the the fashion of lame "GO TEAM" spirit.

Added 01/20/2009, the same day Obama was added

A foreclosed property in Sarasota, FL, former home to New College students and other crazy hippies. Viewed soon after foreclosure and the landlord's valiant escape to South America to dodge her debts.

Added 01/20/2009

A small shack located in a conspicuous wooded-over lot in Indiana. Can only be spotted on foot in the winter.

Added 10/02/2009

This is a small old style gas station or filling station located on what is now being used as a parking lot for truck trailers and cargo containers.

Added 10/02/2009

A fairly large storm drain running under one of the larger roads on the North end of Laf. UNIMAGINABLY EXCITING.

Added 01/25/2010

North and South sections of an abandoned stretch of railroad in Sarasota, FL. View the glory of the warped rails. Revel in the thrill of kudzu overgrowth. Laugh, cry, have a psychotic break when you expose yourself to the extreme pleasure of this unbelievable location.

Added 02/09/2010

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Read about my adventures with feces and the storm drain that wasn't one in this exciting adventure!

Added 02/11/2010

A shutdown and for sale brick and tile factory that you'll come to love and enjoy

Added 04/19/2010

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