Abandoned Rail Line

Sarasota, FL, North

The first thing I noticed about the neighborhood I moved to in Sarasota was that it was 5 miles away from anything. Florida is like that in general, actually, which isn't much help to someone who walks everywhere. The second thing was the abandoned railroad line running near my house. It passed through what used to be an active industrial district but was now filled with lighter, less rail dependent industries, and was apparently scheduled to be torn up and replaced with a hiking trail in the near future. I decided that before this happened, it was my duty to walk around on it. Also I was bored.

This page covers the tracks north of the road on which I lived, and the next page the south. There was quite a bit of cool old rail equipment on the sidelines and either the track was REALLY messed up or I was just hallucinating from the July heat again.

I didn't do as much trespassing as normal, as I wasn't familiar with Florida law at the time but I do know how friendly they are to people who shoot you for coming onto their property.

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The bent up rails make their way through the miles of kudzu.

It wouldn't be a railroad without rednecks dumping garbage near it.

The masterlock of the switch... of DOOM

Part of a recycling plant... they crushed glass here, possibly

Follow the arrows to find the treasure.

Old trailers rusting away happily in the recycling plant

A fresh new crossing for a useless line.

Kudzu vines eat utility poles for breakfast.

No weir not. Get it? Weir? We're? HAHAHA I'M FUNNY

Broken glass covered the tracks near the recycling plant

A side line with a lonely train car rotting on it. And some happy little trees

More broken glass on the tracks. Bag it up and sell it to crackheads for hilarity

More broken glass

Live fir growing amongst the dead trailers

Another part of the recycling plant