Abandoned Rail Line

Sarasota, FL, South

The south end of this part of the line wasn't much different than the North, just more heavy equipment and it ran closer to some industrial parks which were startlingly well kept up considering the Qwik-E mart up the the street was probably a small scale meth refinery.

These rails eventually run by a plant which formerly manufactured dampers for nuclear warheads, and apparently where the ground is so toxic that they keep cows around just to see how fast they die of cancer. Cute. I didn't go that far.

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More and more flags somehow

More bad track

Ah, and of course here we have the FST-910 "Yellow Quicksilver" bucket carrier car

Old equipment sitting on a sideline near an abandoned business

The middle lines of that W are emphasized, you know what that means

An old hangar?

More remnants of the old concrete abandonment near the toxic waste land

Yellow pipe dreams

The high security entrance

The lay of the land. I said lay.

An old machine, looks like one of the things they use to pull spikes out

This is an RTF-103 "Yellow Thunder" barrel carrier.

Old bent up switch flag... with herpes.

This padlock opens the gates of hell^2.

More switch flaggotry.

I kind of wanted to see a train try to go down this, it might be funny

Abandoned building near the toxic property and not too far from the airport

I obeyed the sign for once

An abused, neglected spigot of some sort

Sounds like it would really fucking hurt.