Foreclosed College House

Sarasota, FL

Soon after I moved to Sarasota, I went with my roommate's girlfriend to help move some items out of the house she had been staying at. As the story goes, while she was away on an internship, the landlord hadn't been paying the bills on the place. Actually, the landlord hadn't been paying the bills on the place for months, and the bank foreclosed without notice and told everyone they had to leave. The place served as kind of a commune style living arrangement for New College students and still had quite a lot of furnishing which apparently belonged to no one in particular and was too much of a pain to move.

When I visited, it was a few days from the final eviction dates and there were still a couple people living there who had decided to stick it out until the bitter end, but they weren't home, and the house was empty. It had a strange feel about it, there was a lot of history in the house, and typical of houses in Florida without AC it was fairly open to the surrounding environment.

I'm not sure what's become of the place since then but apparently the last couple of residents were trying to scrape up enough funding to buy the place from the bank. Hopefully they succeeded.

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The front of the house showing the interesting construction

The decorated area near where a fireplace once stood

I took pictures of everything, including the kitchen sink

A decorated computer nook

The interesting construction of the walls

The upper floor bedrooms from below

Living room / library. All of these books were likely going to be abandoned there

Only the highest quality materials went into the construction of this sunroof

Stove, spices, pots, wine

This is a load bearing tree

One of the upstairs bedrooms

Windows and walls


Detail with a bunch of lenses taped together