Abandoned shack

A former railroad building

This is just a small shack on an abandoned, wooded lot. There isn't much to say about it, except that I'll be heading back before winter. I spotted it last year from the road, and wanted to go back but moved out of town for a while and never got around to it. All that's left is a small shack and a foundation, but I believe from my first trip that the foundation still contains a basement. The structure is covered with trees otherwise and it is hard to ascertain the original purpose, although it may have been a house for rail workers due to the proximity to the old rail yards.

There are 3 different levels of the foundation, about 2-3 feet different in height with the heighest being 5 feet or so off ground level.

I couldn't get pictures much better than these, it was well hedged in with trees... I'm probably going to blow a godawful amount of money on a full frame camera and a 20mm prime next year.

More information as events warrant.

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An abandoned burn barrel. This was probably a good place for a hobo before it grew over.

As good as I could get through the trees. Walking through them was worse

The door... is that a mildly deformed KEPT throwie on it?

Showing some of the decay of the roof and the small window on one side.

A view of the old stairs leading up to the higher part of the foundation.

The front door of my dream home.

The outside wall. Every time I think I found something new in this town, KAOS was there 5 years ago.

More graffiti in the shack.

More KAOS, part of the caving in roof.

Just a section of the foundation.

Another view of the three steps. Exciting, isn't it?