Abandoned Tile Factory

Currently For Sale [1/4]

This tile / stone / cememnt factor has been in Lafayette as long as I have, and being a fan of industrial photography, commercial or decaying, I'd always wanted to go in. This year, they seem to have shut down for business. Several weeks ago, I walked past and saw trucks hauling away scarce piles of stone from the once impressive stockyard. Last week, while on a walk with my friends "HisMom" and "PsuedoeDadrine", we passed the place again and it was mostly empty, with a for sale sign up, and most fences ripped down.

Anyway, as my drug addled brain tries to remember what I was saying, we'll interrupt you with this short bulletin...

This property is currently for sale and might be worth buying if you are interested in a weird industrial zone, probably for a low price these days. I won't post the details here, but a search within Lafayette should find it quickly. As opposed to most industrial sites there was a minimum of chemical pollution going on here, and it is located in a fairly scenic spot. For more information, or to schedule an inspection, dial 555-IAMNOTAREALTOR.

Where was I... Yeah, I was having fun at this place just being outdoors, usually abandoned properties around here get secured from the jackass vandals pretty fast. I mean really, I've been to many cities and this is the only one in which I've seen a junkyard surrounded by honest to goodness fucking razorwire.

The next page outdoor page is out of chronological order with this event, as it happened between trips inside. PseudoedDadrine found the interior interesting because the furnance setup was similar to his previous job, while HisMom claimed that the many furnaces and ovens reminder her the holocaust and she couldn't bear the sight. (She's a German immigrant from right before the shit hit the fan in WWII, but finds it amusing to go to parties and tell everyone she's Jewish and become offended at the usual nonstop racism.) I'm personally not sure what the point of this is, I mean, nobody is ever going to accept a race of people who lay eggs and abandon their young. Anyway, more pictures and somewhat less of this rant is inlcluded on Page II which is also linked about 3mm below this sentence just for your fucking convenience.

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The front garage, the only one which opened on to the street. Previously there was quite a bit of truck traffic in this small neighborhood, I imagine now they're enjoying the peace and quiet.

One of the many dying trees on this property.

Someone forgot to replace tab A into slot B before vacating the premises.

More old diesel gaspumps.

Outside view of the tower and part of main building.

The old gas pumps for company trucks. Closeups follow. So does your mother.

And here we find the diesel pump, mighty, standing, years have passed. Still he sits here all along, waiting for the world to clear, waiting for the sky to open, for now and forever.

The recently repainted diesel bins. I bet when they see offyard gas tanks they're "green" with envy. Get it? Fucking green? OH WOW I WIN MOTHERFUCKER.

One of the side buildings. It used to have plenty of tile alongside it and was in a bit better shape.

This is an a mud spot on the ground near a ramp. It is believed to be the product of ghost and alien sightings. Later sightings at the scene will center around the motherfuckers who take that shit seriously.

A rare picture of HisMom in her uncloaked state. She ever did sometimes want to as go to as far as to smell as to be there yet.