Abandoned Tile Factory

Currently For Sale [2/4]

So, onwards and around. I had a great time on this run, HisMom has been wanting to go with for a while on one of my adventures in abandonment so that was good, and it was a really cool and laid back property.

Ok, so we walked around the front part of the property for a little while taking in the sights and sounds, and eventually saw got bored with the few leftover relics of this business and starting looking further. An interesting brick enclosed courtard with trees growing up through it made an obvious first target, and a rickety wooden stairway provided access to the second floor of the tile pouring building. This area had a ladder leaving inside, but HisMom couldn't find a way in from the ground so I wandered back out to meet them, taking pictures along the way. This section contains the rest of the outdoorsy shots, and the rest is from inside the factory, which will continue on the next page.

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This plant generally confused everyone and took the award for the first living plant seen by any of us this spring.

Not to be confused with... wait, there isn't anything to confuse this with.

Protip: Painting this tress would cause Bob Ross to become an hero.

Fly Ash, yo.

It used to be well adjusted, but the Catholic church had mannboysechz with it.

Letting tile go to waste like that, just overgrown with moss... tile doesn't grow on trees. You'd think they were a fucking tile factory or some shit.

This is a guiness book of world records winner for most nondescipt photo of all time.


This door was open but had a sign warning of security systems being active so I didn't not go in after seeing it.

A.K.A. Wade Steffey urinal Mk. II

Another good view of the rooftop storage bin

Look, a garage door! Park the new H3 in there next to the other four and hurry up and make some couscous to feed little timmy.

You'd think this place would be in a bit better shape considering it only went on the market last fall...

This is where the cheesy it happens all over the place and makes the it feel good. Don't scare me tom.

My shadow is now on the pump. They'll neverage manage to clean that sort of horrible abscence of light off.