Abandoned Tile Factory

Inside [3/4]

Here we finally come to the inside. My first route in was up a set of unstable looking but fine wooden stairs leading to a 2nd floor generator room. As I entered, HisMom was wondering around the other side of the building, so I snapped a few pictures and then heard her yelling to see where I was at. Standing in a dark alcove at the top of a crappy metal ladder didn't really help anyone locate me, so I was just kind of yelling "over here" in a pointless manner while HisMom looked around through the window for me. The ladder looked safe enough, but being loaded down with camera gear and extra clothes isn't a good way to climb on old crap into dark areas. One of the major problems with this hobby, I think, until high quality digital cameras are cheap enough not to worry about ruining.

As mentioned, this upper room contained one large electric motor or generator of some kind, the controls for it, and many empty barrels. The outer door looked as though someone had forced it open quite some time ago judging by the amount of rust involved, and I continued to be amazed that this place hadn't closed years before. Then, I'm not in the concrete business and as any restaurant employee will tell you, different businesses have different standards of maintenance. For example, if I dropped raw meat on my kitchen floor, I'd throw it away, then wipe down the spot with disinfectant. At a bar restaurant, they'll begin swearing profusely, dip it in the bleach bucket, throw it back on the grill, wipe it on their taint, then serve it to you.

If you were disgusted by the thought of eating food treated like the above, your standards are too high.

For now, view the pictures, and stay tuned for the exciting 4th page conclusion of this thriller which will have you literally shitting your dicknipples all night long!

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Their heads were stolen by OMG TEH GOHSTSX!!!!111one

The definitely tree-infested and probably pointless small courtyard around the building.

Rickety wooden stairs heading to the 2nd floor electrical room.

The door to the 2nd floor looking from the inside. Notice the realistic bloom and HDR effects you fucking WoWfags.

Flood damage. It can cost you. Asshole.

Large motor / gen room on the 2nd floor.

Another collapsing wall of the tiny courtyard area.

Eine barrel geficken sie?

This door is also like your mother. It's rusty, lets in lots of light, and looks like people have kicked it in to gain entrance several hundred times. Also, I like chocolate milk.

Leakage abound

A small, badly stitched panorama of a few of the furnaces / kilns used for firing jews tiles.

Electrical system for the big motor or whatever it was here.

Another unidentified chunk of electrical equipment

This door kind of reminds me of your mother's... ah forget it.

Amazing how quickly trees take shit over. It's like, whoa man... whoa.