Abandoned Tile Factory

Inside [4/4]

The last section of photos is on the inside of the building. The downstairs was unlocked and didn't involve as much climbing, so after catching up with HisMom I entered through the bottom floor to take some more pictures. Nothing really notable story-wise, unfortunately, just some cool pictures and teh winnarcopter is you.

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I was inside of it...

Has anyone really gone so far as to be as do as to look like yet?

And thus the 26 headed mutant penguin-zebra hybrids were born...

Small garage in the back mostly filled with leaking chemical waste buckets, which I hear is pretty cool these days.

I wish I could find just one building left in a state of ruin that wasn't sneakily being used to store nasty hazmat bullshit. Unless I find a 55g. drum of morphine, in which case I have no problem with illegal dumping and will dispose of it properly for you, oh kind, gentle owner of foresaid business.

Happy festival mega office space 2011.

Office door and a dire warning to ye who seeketh treasure.

The sign announces your doom, mortal.

Another collapsing wall of the tiny courtyard area.

I've decided to worship whatever this is.

Insert your mother joke here (more like insert it in her, GET IT?)


Looking down the long outer corridor along the ovens.

Somebody should shoot me for the quality of the "jokes" on this page.

HisMom had to turn back at this point, as it began to reminder her of the horrible trauma of Auschwitz.

Watery floor shining door


I like this picture. I feel that it could be improved by full frontal female nudity, however. If you have any full frontal female nudity to offer, please contact me.

This hall be fuc't u up, dawg.