Abandoned Gas Station, IN

Get gas here.

An abandoned truck lot and possibly former gas station falling into decay along the tracks. There are other buildings there, but they seem to be in use currently and were not particularly decayed so I didn't bother with them. An interesting building, it seems as through the structure was left intact on the outside but much of the inside was demolished and the doors boarded over with plywood or locked depending on their state. The pictures were all taken in broad daylight through windows as I didn't feel like trying any of the doors of a building located across the street from a police headquarters. I wasn't bothered by trespassing, I don't believe this building has any ownership at the present and even the surround lots have no structures that indicate recent use, but I wasn't going to push my luck...

I'm currently attempting to find out more information about this particular place (at least the history) as I'd like to include more historical information about the sites I visit but am often lacking information, especially when the buildings likely fell into decay before the advent of computer records.

Another interesting feature of this location was that, while the outside was intact save broken windows, the inside looked like it had been given ten rounds with a sledgehammer and someone with quite a bit of determination. Cinder block isn't exactly the easiest thing to knock down to that level, I know from helping with removal of a storage shed in our own backyard when I was younger. I might return, but the lack of interesting artifacts in the interior doesn't really look promising and I think I got the pictures I wanted.

One more possible thought that occured to me as I recover from the sleeping pills and the stimulants kick in is that if this building was a gas station at one point in time, that time was probably before the regulations in the late 80s-early 90s (I was young back then, sue me) and there is significant gas and or diesel seepage into the surrounding soil, making this a superfund sight. For those who don't know, superfund sites with their nice doublespeak name are places where factor polution or other toxins had been released into the ground to the point that it is no longer habitable by humans... in which case the building still stands because nobody has gotten around to the massive amount of work required to clean things like this up. Since it doesn't appear old enough to be a historical site, this theory wouldn't surprise me.

We'll see...

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A street view of the building, sans shitty google panocams...

Closer up of one side. Note stone block piled around the entrance

An interior view near sunset. Not the wanton destruction of interior walls.... somebody was trying to get this thing torn down as a safety hazard I think.

One of the remaining doors, welded shut with steel plate near the handle. (Why, when two sheets of ancient plywood guard the other door. Who knows? Although, since the other doors in an unwelded state could theoretically be opened without damage, they may be encouraging B&E activity as some kind of insurance dodge on the whole building.

This gives a better view of the interior.... broken chunks of wall, piping (possibly posts from outside, there were several holes in the ground around this size they might have been removed from), but as usual the outer walls were left intact. If they'd hire me I'd demolish this for them at low rates, by I suspect they left it there for a reason.

One of the plywood side doors... they obvisouly didn't have security in mind much on these.

View through the side window, with garbage inside and a trailer in the distance through teh opposite window.

Just a rock hole, sunset and background nicely visible in the refelections.

Self portrait.

A nice inside view looking into the sunset. Note broken double-pane glass on the right... somebody was concerned about their heating bill at least.

More of the interior. Less destruction somewhat, more relics of the stations former purpose on the floor.

Here is the rear side of the building, more broken windows. I'm guessing the local kids do a number on this place despite its location. Lafayette is a fairly boring town if one is not interested in sports, and there are a huge number of redneck kids who have no interests other than "brakin' shet".