A.K.A. Land of the Lost Tires

This is a short tunnel running under 9th st. which handles river overflow, but is rarely underwater except in severe flooding events. I was surprised to find it mainly because of the size, it is quite a large feature in the storm drain system of this particular city. Not much else to say as of yet, the pictures speak for themselves.

Nearby is a woods containing many illegally dumped tires. Everybody loves a tire, adopt one of these poor abandoned ones today!

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View from the rocky floor of the tunnel.

View near the side.

Another view down the tunnel. Seeing a pattern?

Near Outside view.

Rocky floors and bright lights outside

Another dead tire

Yet another dead tire

An end (or beginning)

Not me. Definitely not.

Part of the nearby tire-dump woods.

Dead raccoon? Dead baby? You decide.

Dead Tire.

And a live tire

Changing it up a bit with a dead barrel.

And finally, a dead bowling ball. :-)