Purdue Campus
Physics Building Attic - AKA Old crap storage
Wetherill Attic - And an entrance to the inner courtyard roof
Memorial Union Attic
VPA Construction - Using this "time machine" we will visit the VPA building before it is built
Memorial Union Roof
Purdue Public Tunnels - The tunnels under STEW and the Union
Steam Tunnels - If anyone has any information on steam tunnel entrances at Purdue, contact me.
Vision 21 Conference Room - Conference room for the Purdue VIPs and other people who aren't me.

   Abandoned Buildings
CSX Railroad Yard *UPDATED 09/08* - Old semi-abandoned railroad repair yard, visited twice, but still no pictures except a photo from across town.

Railroad bridge along S.R. 26 - Railroad bridge over the Wabash, crossed by me, trains, and hobos.

   Drains & Sewers
.25 Auto - Found: One slightly rusted handgun.
Rathole - We can't stop here... this is rat country!
Shitty - I hate this.
Drains I'll Never Explore - Mr. T sez, "I ain't goin' in there!"

Water Level Monitoring Tower - An old national tower along the wabash.
Graffiti (1) (2) (3) - Most of this nice looking graffiti has been replaced by ugly blocks of grey that don't match the color of the walls.
Levee Construction - Small construction zone on new apartment complexes.
Sewer Treatment Plant - Construction being done on expansion to the wastewater treatment.
Wheatfield Grain Silos - Not abandoned, but I always played there as a kid. Finally came back and got pictures...
Lafayette Rooftop - Quick exploration of a rooftop & attic.
Homeless Encampments - The... err.. homes of the Lafayette homeless.

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